Friday, January 1, 2010

nouvelles année!

YES2010; fresh start. new. new. new. :)!

so we first watched Nine @ silvercity. then viva to soban @ finch. Yum!
green tea crushed ice. and yes those black balls are tapiocas

then we were gonna shisha but it was closed so we went karoke.
my first time in a LONG time.
SO JOKES LOL! belching kidss
then free subwayy woo; to nathan philip square (city hall) wear UB jacket, H&M scarff, UB skirt and Nike boots10, 9, 8,7 , 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS. we were in a crowd of thousands. too bad i'm short and didn't see much... where as my friend is like 6 feet SOMETHING.. haha but it was fun, Karl Wolf was there and sang Africa, Faber Drive was there and many other! Awesome firework too :P
then dispersing with hundreds of people filling the streets. car honking. people liquored up and cheering. WOO! and we wondered off to Rich Tree. Nothing like a nice cup of hot coco! with nutmeg and cinnamon powder:P soooooooo good after hours standing outside in the snowy rain!
cant believe its 2010!!!!
so my friend and i have the new year resolution (along with all mine) to try something different everyday :) & take a picture a day. & nothing like ending a day with a yummy streetdog8)

on my way back on YRT; ppl started yelling and stuff; (beef tonight for the fourth time. one time coz some guy started smoking on the subway-.-) and it ended with WOOO HAPPY NEW YEARSS!! LOL; i love how everyones so happy and mellow.

so my new year eves turned out way better than expected (given that i was still a bum at 3pm blog surfing with no plan as to what to do with my night) !

p.s. i feel like i've been on a movie binge diet. watched: imaginarium of doctor parnasus (didn't like), Invictus(deep but tad tedious), Nine(not what i expected.. if glamour alone can satisfy its brilliant), Avatar(kay. hasn't everyone said it's amazing?), Alvin the chipmunk ( hahahaha.^^ nough said) just need Young Elizabeth and Sherlock holmes in my list. 8)



MizzJ said...

Happy New Year!! Wow looks like such a fun night in TO. Van is lame, we don't have fireworks anymore cuz people always end up fighting and breaking stuff haha

hahah you're so cute, exchanging links is when we put links to each other's blog on our blog, that way we kinda "recommend" each other to our readers :)

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit..Happy New Year!

Cookie said...


Jess said...

woot nathan philiips! looks like you had a grand new years - i loooove richtree :)