Monday, January 18, 2010

hair hair hair.

this post is for the female souls only; don't want guys being gross out. here's the disclaimer!
so I got my second email from my readers! That made me so happy haha! So feel free to drop off any e-mails regarding anything and everything ;)

-So she was wondering about Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator. I personally have never epilated before so I think it' sone of those things you have to try for yourself, I mean skin care is a very personal and ranging regime tailored differently to everyone. I'm sure there is positive and negative feed backs. I have done a bit of research and it seems like it'd be a bit painful; luckily I don't have the most sensitive skin, if you do i do not recommend it since it may cause bleeding/ red marks (similar to tweezing). I found avery useful link talking about the three types of Epilators: click me!
so I used to tweeze but when I went to get my eyebrow feathered (semi permanent tattoo, feels like pinching) the women told me that tweezing kills the root of your hair strands in your eyebrow (won't grow back/ damages the root) and she recommends the eyebrow blade, with the eyebrow blade is you have to use it every morning, it's super easy and fast but the blade has to be sharp so only last about 2/3 months. It also leaves stubs if the blade is dull or slightly out grown which is sometimes bothersome. it is still my favourite method of maintaining my eyebrows. I find the Japanese/ Korean brands are the best.
I have tried wax strips ( i hated the mess/ wax remaining on my leg/ hand & the oils thats suppose to clean it off doesn't really work), Veet disolving hair solution stuff: smells awful and I heard it's really bad for you (well it does CORRODE your hair away) and I didn't find it even that effective, and the old fashion razor: my favourite so far coz it's fast and with Gilette for Women (Satin Care) Apricot scent & Gilette changeable head: smells so good! BUT i am very up to experimenting with an epilator soon time because after all, living in Canada Does make my leg super dry and the constant blades aren't helping.

SO i will admit I tried lazer removal; about 8 session? F**K it's painful, it's ok the first few but they make the intensity higher and higher everytime. useless, don't do it, it's suppose to reduce your hair significantly but after a few months it was like how it was before. Back to shaving. or maybe epilator? but ouch;

Bikini Line:
I heard epilator will RIP your skin off there.. umm. HM. scary; razor does the work but I don't like the roughness when it starts to grow back. Have not tried wax yet but i'm not sure I'm brave enough; my girls and I made a "TO DO b4 end of high school" list; one of them included brazilian wax.. AH.

I think the best thing has to be an epilator because if i had the time i would tweeze every strand of hair off my arm LOL. and you obviously don't want to SHAVE it, i know a girl who did that and you can totally feel the rough stubby feel when you touch her arm. A MUST NOT! wax works well too.

Talking about all this unwanted hair make me feel burdened haha but HAIR. That is my best friend; I love long big hair (which is what I have always had) and the product I bow down to is FRUCTIS; i've been devoted to Fructis for a few years now and I have almost all their products from when I had curly hair, straight, and now au naturel. Made with lots of fruits infused in it; smells heavenly ;)

"how do actresses possibly manage to appear immaculate all the time, as they';re in the spotlight 24/7 and rarely get any off-time and waxing or even epilating have a definite in-between phase, though it decreases with more and more use. Do you then think they lean onto shavng in order to be presentable and up to par anyways?"

Well, in my opinion celebrity are people and probably all have their own preference, plus we always hear celebrities at salons pampering away so even if they're busy, I'm pretty sure they squeeze in a waxing appointment, I mean since they have time to dye and change their hair style like every single minute!

p.s. keep you posted on my journey with epilator lol! (i checked out shoppers and walmart and they don't sell any...)


Kaya said...

Drop me an email when U post ur next post on the subject.

issa said...

wow your eyebrows look great.. i've never heard of this feathering technique.. very cool

Velire said...

thanks for the informative post on was alot to do with hair..the eyebrow definitely got to me..the armpit hair removal scares me now..ahahaha :)

I know right, how do celebs do it but well, whatever works with them. They do have the money to splurge on all the pampering they want. :) (if only we had that much moolah..hahaha)

Caroline said...

i LOVE that pic of the bikini line! hahah :) Genius!


fadetoblack said...

great info !