Sunday, January 3, 2010

Golden La Coste Jacket

It was such a beautiful snow day yesterday :) despite the freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold haha.
So to add to my movie list, I watched "Did you Hear About the Morgans" AND "It's Complicated". I would say It's Complicated is QUITE hilarious and very entertaining: ) loved it. I Hope I'm that SPICY when I'm that old haha.So my grandma bought this Golden La Coste Jacket for me. size large :S and apparently it was about 2 grands?! so i guess i have to wear it but I feel like everywhere I go I get stares .. it's so not me LOl, as much as I like metallic i don't really wanna look like an ornament. what do you think? can i pull it off? LOl. it's okay i can take the brutal honesty.

its one thing to be knowledgable and another to apply that knowledge. I am currently working on my French Tâche finale, it's about animal cruelty in factory farms, (mass production, growth hormones and antibiotics. it is so horrific and the affects intensive farming has on us and the environment is equally as repulsive...) so given that I am such an expert on this subject haha ( it was also my grade 10 seminar and I started a petition for organic meat in the cafeteria..) I really should become a vegetarian, I haven't eat beef for years and years, and I always tell ppl how bad meat is but I feel like such a hypocrite coz I eat meat occasionally, but I guess my main concern should be to MAKE sure the meat I do seldom eat is from Organic farms. and there are quite a few; some even deliver the meat to you! check it out: Beretta Organic Meat.

anyways back to my proj. school tmw! YIKES.

and PS check out Being High Maintenance Not Bitchy it's such a cute blog :)WHERE IT'S MORE ABOUT CLASS, THAN TITTIES AND ASS ;)

p.p.s. anyone ever heard of FANSHAWE college? / how's the fashion design program?


emily said...

the snow coming down in your photos is so pretty! and about the whole vegetarianism thing, i've been think a lot about that too... and this time i think i might actually make the plunge. wish me luck!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your jacket, so glam!

MizzJ said...

Aw thanks for the shoutout!

Aney, said...

I'm excited to watch "it's complicated" - been looking forward for that movie to come out, but I still haven't gotten the chance to go see it in theatres yet! Perhaps it's a home-suited film so I might wait until I can download it :P

Oh, and the jacket - keep wearing it girl! I don't think it's too much at all. Looks so good on you. And, I love the little purse "_

Pia said...

haven't heard of fanshawe college... but good luck with getting into the program if you decide to! (i'm currently trying to get into graduate school in fashion! ekk!!)

also, i'm in the same predicament about becoming a vegetarian. i seldom eat meat, but don't think i can go full blown.. yet. good luck with that too!

your picture of the snow is fantastic!

stacey kelly said...

cute pics, that jacket is so daring! but perfect for the snow, im sure! i wish it snowed here in SD :(
happy ny xo!

fall in love with a shooting star...

Mary Jane said...

i think you can pull off that outfit better than many people! it looks great on you honestly! the black boots are totally binding this outfit together and making it work! :D

we wear things said...

you are so cute! happy new year!

MéLissa said...