Saturday, January 23, 2010

BOYS. top 5 must have.

I haven't blogged about Men's Fashion In a longgggggg time. My friends been bugging me to do so here it goes! the top 5 essentials in every guys wardrobe. According to me that is.

1. Plain(ish) tee & nice jeans.
less is more, when there's too many things on a GUY's tee; i feel they're trying too hard and it makes them look young and a little tacky; try to stick with plain tee's with a little bit of print or design.
my bro modeled for me ;)
jeans: blue blood
belt: Samuel and kevin
bracelet: love squared
tee: von dutch
ring: kenny y.
2. VEST.
it's like the most basic building block; every guy should have one because it's so stylish and effortlessly posh :) can be layered as well; i love guys in vest : ) kinda like the hot musician/ mysterious guy.

i am a huge fan of scarf; and When I see guys with a big ass scarff; i am automatically drawn to them, even if they're MAD ugly :) i love scarfs. And adding one to the most simple outfit can make a guy very fashionable and groomed.

4. Cardigan.
I think it's very gentlemenly; and gives off a very preppy but sophisticated look

5. Doc Marten's or military/tough boots/shoes.
i personally think doc marten's are so sexyyy; gives off a manly vibe & makes me feel protected;) coz i mean. military boots right?

this is a shoe from G-Star Raw
My brother also told me about this site called SSENSE. it is actually very cool; so if you guys wanna do more online browsing for men's wear & accessories. check it out!



Sarah (Buzz) said...

Love the vest, very hot on a guy....and the scarf...I like how it looks sophisticated and not like the guys a slob

JoPang said...

Haha I must be terribly unfashionable. I only fulfill #1 on your list. : P