Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being French

sshirt: H&M
skirt: H&M in France
shoes: j'oublie
hair: french braid
necklace: HK
j'aime le couleur violet; c'est tres romantique. Mes examens sont approche rapid; j'ai beaucoup de peur de échouer mon examen français! Ma proffesseur est un petit peu imcompétent, mais elle marque facillement:) j'ai besoin d'étudier. si seulement je peux reconnaitre un garçon de français. :P

Kays। keep me ccountable; i'm not going to say anything bad about anyone from now on। it's so hard when you want to warn friend from certain people or certain people are so ____ but it really isn't me to judge; only God can. What happened to my faith and religion; I used to be so christian and optimistic; gotta go to church more 8) (this was totally influenced by the book Dear John by Nicholas Spark) it's funny how books have such strong influence over me ( and i am very pertinacious); i'm still reading it but it's so amazing already:) i'm a sucker for love stories. I love how the girl says "holy cow" and is so humble and kind-hearted, and the guy (john) is all tough from miltary with tattoos but such a softy in the inside for her! can't wait to meet my "john" one day; but in no hurry:) anyways

1)Where is your cell phone? in my sight at all time; sitting beside my laptop very obediantly
2)Your hair? french braid at the front
3Your mother? franctic and funny (and "hot" quote from my guy friends)
4Your father? always calm but busy and love me very much :)
5. Your favorite food? sushi
6. Your dream last night? i hardly remember my dreams
7. Your favorite drink? green tea & caramel brule latee @ starbucks
8. Your dream/goal? have a fashion line branching off into all continents ;) i know i'm a bit ambitious
9. What room are you in? was in library but got kicked out so in my room
10. Your hobby? scrapbooking/ diary/ reading &so many others
11. Your fear? growing
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? in the heart of a big city
13. Where were you last night? masterq
14. Something you aren't? stupid
15. Muffins? just the top
16. Wish list item? a job
17. Where did you grow up? etobicoke
18. Last thing you did? breathe, eat a strawberry jam toast :)
19. What are you wearing? the above
20.Your TV? W channel
21. Your pets? Timbo (chihuahua dog)
22. Your friends? testerone filled
23. Your life? boring; it used to be chaotic i assure you; full of drama...
24. Your mood? a little stressed
25. Missing someone? nope.
26. Vehicle? mazda3 ( it really needs a wash...)
2. Something you're not wearing? underwear. i kid i kid. what am i suppose to be wearing?
28. Your favorite store? Lemor/ Mendocino/ queen street basically
29. Your favorite color? yellow & purple (they're complimentary colours ;))
30. When was the last time you laughed? joking with my friends last night
31. Last time you cried? today when i was reading dear john. well i teared.
32. Your best friend? UM. hard to say these days; i've got a few very close ones: )
33. One place that I go over and over? starbucks
34. One person who emails me regularly? no one :( we text : )
35. Favorite place to eat? dozo (even though i've only been there once)



Bug said...

You look really nice in this outfit, what a fun skirt!! I love coffee too. I would love to get into scrap booking.

Classically Cool said...

pretty plaid skirt. love the bubbliness. =) come follow me too!

Jolie said...

Love how you paired the skirt with the tanks, so cute! Thank you for visiting my blog as well!
xoxo JOlie

Sarah (Buzz) said...

The shoes and the bubble skirt are so cute and chic!!! Love them!!!

TheFashionAve said...

trés chic madame!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

cute tights! lovely outfit sweetie, so girly & pretty x

♥ Hannah



Jess said...

i love that skirt! you look so cute here girly :)

Charmalade said...

J'adore ta jupe, c'est tres romantique! :D And that's where most of my French ends, haha.

Thanks for leaving that fun comment on my blog, I like yours too!

Gizelle said...

that skirt is adorable!
and i love how u paired it with that top..which is such a contrast to the bubbly skirt! :D

Velire said...

Im a sucker for romantic stories too! :)As in I love Nicholas Sparks (hello walk to remember & the notebook, and now Dear John..gaaahhhh) :D

Your outfit is so cute n chic! :D I wouldn't have thought of pairing the top n skirt like that. Nicee! :)

JoeyAna said...

cute skirt
thanks for stopping by my blog


Jinsoul said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, your skirt is really adorable enough to I'm jealous you! you also has gorgeous black hair :) your look really beautiful. x