Thursday, December 31, 2009

wool and sequins!

so i'm secretly an old grandma. scarf and hat knitted by yours truly. :P

blazer: armani
Vneck shirt: blue ice
skirt: (xmas gift!) UB
boots: no idea (ancient found in the back of mom's closet..)

so NEW years resolution. I better get it down in fine print before i get lazy and back out.
1) go on facebook twice a week ( THATS SO TOUGH)
2) be more patient& understanding
3)love myself & others!
4) get a job & save up to travel
5) step outside of my comfort bubble
6) get a juicer and be more healthy(magic bullet?!)
7) respect and love my parents more
8) sleep earlier, wake up earlier.
9) be more optimistic and open minded
10) read more:) literary is knowledge. i love having a big brain.



Pia said...

i love your hat and scarf! i wish i knew how to knit!

love all your resolutions as well! i need to work on getting up early...

also, those shorts you asked about are from forever 21! it's such a good deal :)

happy new years <3

Lilee said...

your beanie is the loveliest! love the outfit~

Mary Jane said...

no5 is on my new years resolution also! hehe
you look gorgeous as always! did you knit the scarf and the hat!!!
happy new year!!!!!!

haircutting in high heels said...

I love your list for 2010! I am with you on the earlier sleep pattern, beauty sleep is so important for a girl! Love the literary brain as well, currently reading, "How to raise the perfect dog," the latest from Caesar Millan. Someday I will get my dogs to be perfectly calm and submissive. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the sepia tone shot!

Added you to my lovely links...

The Haute Bitch said...

love your pics! cute outfits! :)