Monday, December 28, 2009

sketched out.

sorry for the amateurish art lol; sketching is such a skill of practice. i swear my sketching in grade 5 was much better than this! lol stupid ARTS YORK. only train our painting skills. I actually don't remember the last time i had to "sketch" anyways. i was very inspired by some drawing on other people's blog. I PROMISE i'll work on my sketchingg haha and blog some nicer stuff.

i've always been a diary person, like since I was six. I literally have like... maybe 25 NOVELS written in my burgundy treasure chest under my bed haha. I'm SUCH a dork. i know i know. but it's so nice to read back on memories. I mean memories are too precious to be forgotten, and writing really helps me ponder on things that haven't been revealed to me before... anyways gotta be more productive before holidays over!What a mistake staying up till 4 am yesterday. I woke up at 2pm and am so sad coz i basiclaly wasted my whole day! and then my dad oh-so-intelligently brought me out for lunch at Milestones and ordered a pitcher of MOJITO. So not only do i feel a bit zoned out from waking up late, i'm also tipsy. LOL. but i assure this isn't a drunk blog hehe.
shirt: TOUGH
scarf: Esprite


p.s. AH! i keep forgeting what day it is, you know how holiday is, all the days get blurred and mondays often feels like saturdays? my pattern teacher just called me, TOTALLY forgot about my class. again. ITS TUESDAY. sorry for my little frivolous spazz *8)


emily said...

very cool, the third one reminds me of the cover of "speak," you know?

p.s. i love your header! :)

MizzJ said...

hahah I so know what you mean. I've been camped out at my bf's the past couple days, and have no idea what day it is. Apparently it was raining today :p

haha your dad is so funny to buy a pitcher of mojitos! At least he has good taste in drinks. I too have a trunk full of journals, and I agree that it's a great way to remember yourself :)

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