Thursday, December 3, 2009

my thursday downtown

i was online shopping at urban outfitter when i ran into this.
pulled out my turquoise tee shirt from way back when
cut the neck
added studs.
what do you think?

So i had a lovely experience downtown. I absolutely CAN'T wait to live there!
so as I headed for Dundas, some guy in a SUV started talking to me, first guy a guy in a car asked for my number haha in the middle of downtown too; anyways after a
while of saying no.. (maybe i should have said yes ) he told me he was here to help his brother promote his CD; and gave me a demo it's called IMAAN FAITH let the truth be known. not bad. you guys can check it out if you want haha. .
walking from college to dundas on yonge there was a huge commotion; turns out to be the tamil's protest still, it breaks my heart that there is still concentration camps in sri lanka and the fact that we are so uninformed in what is going on. there was a helicopter and cops; yonge street blocked. luckily i was just walking. so i made it to dundas in one piece.
met up with friend and ate takoyaki, ("tako"= octopus and "yaki"= fried)
at a ramen place on yonge; a very authentic place; then walked all the way to bloor st. (totally lov
ing all the chrismas lights and festive air! ♡) arrived at varsity cineplex odeon after 20 minutes brrr! the place looked pretty fancy; and watched COCO avant CHANNEL wasn't aware that it was all in french lol but I did love it, and i admire coco so much because she is such a strong women, stayed true to never marrying. it's a bit sad but i liked it a lot overall. a very romantic movie, too bad my DATE FELL ASLEEP haha.
afterwards i got bandaid for my blisters from my heels : ( then to CAFE CREPE on yonge!(although there's one accross from Much Music too) I loved the red and black couch chairs so much there, very nice cute date place downtown : ) the interior design is simple and homey, place is small though. apple caramel pecan crepe !
so on the streets, friend and i got caught in between two homeless men cussing each other out;yikes!
then i walked by BEDO and fell inlove with this sequen strapless number!
so suitable for the Christmas holiday right?
i am going to have dreams about it! why are sequence so luring!
ciao 4now

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