Saturday, December 5, 2009

inlove at bedo

so yes; i splurged on the sequence dress that i talked about in my last entry. (i've been a good girl ^^ i think i deserve it ! treat to myself :) ) instead of the silver and black one i attached in my last blog, they only had silvre/ goldd dress and a red one. i kinda like being that BRIGHT eye catchy thing :P so i chose red (after a very long discussion with my friend and the sales associate). and along with a belt from bedo
i fell inlove.
*heart heart heart *

friend is wearing lace long sleeve from Aritzia, sexy oui?
louis vuitton campagn of madonna,
very random but i found it beautiful
ugh i hate the coldness! brrr
anyways ciao4now


Toffee B. said...

I like the lace dress!

The Queen of Hearts said...

Sequins and lace...I can't believe I haven't thought of this before! Genius. I need a combo outfit of this, yesterday.