Tuesday, December 22, 2009

heart top.

so first i want to say thanks y'all for commenting! means a lot :)

so another self made shirt;
i was bored of looking at an ugly white shirt and a black shirt from when i was... 11?
so i sewed it up after constantly seeing this style of "implicating" tube top .

UrbanBehaviour cardigan
self made top
cup up jeans (& i painted on it )
HK leggings
Aldo shoes

Oh how i love holidays; given me much more time to blog haha. it was ton of fun yesterday running around dt from washroom to washroom for photoshoot; can't wait to see the pix! I've only seen one. the one below :P isn't it so professional haha!
so it was freezing but all well. ( and quite slippery on the skating rink LOl) umm there were a lot of stares and some guy actually started talking to us. kinda creepy since he was yelling out words while i was posing .. lol BUT it was funny coz he's like oh so whats happening here; and my friend said oh just taking some pics. i'm not paid nothing big. and he's like oh so YOUR a CHRISTIAN aren't you; LOL that made me laugh so hard. coz we are; but it was besides the point. And he started saying that he loves God;; and then was like, oh is this your girlfriend? no? well you better ask her out. LOl ahh how dt makes me laugh.

after eating at a really cute thai cuisine on dundas. i think it's called salad something. ( bad memory i know .) I got a really cute guy blazer. been looking for a 'serena vanderwood' blazer for a while, and it was only 20 bucks reduced from 79.99@ h&m! just gotta tailor the back and pull in the waist size hehe. and mommy's xmas pres @ mac. woo what a successful day. and then my energy died on the subway home. it's been a long day. plus i went clubbing the night before! anywayss being the typical azn. gotta go to piano class : ( haha

ciao 4 now beautifuls


Mary Jane said...

i really like your style! its unique and very cute!!! love what you did with the top!
thank you so much for following me!

terence said...

you mean salad king ?

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

how rad that you made that! and i love your sweet flower bracelet.

chaoskontrolowany said...

Love the top! ;))

Dylana said...

That shirt is beautiful!


E M I L Y said...

I really like your layering of shorts! cute style
merry christmas!


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That is a cute top. That guy at the rink sounds crazy!

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit..beautiful photos!

Katie said...

love the shirt! the photos are great too btw <3


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

cute outfit:)

MizzJ said...

Ahh I love your outfit!! Can you make me a top like that too LOL.