Wednesday, December 16, 2009

daddy's girl (& shirt)

So I was going through a bunch of my mom's old clothes; among them is my daddy's old shirt from tommy hilfiger. I rolled up the sleeves and wore it out today; it's just so comfy! paired it off with my BEDO belt : P better make lots of use of it. spent a fortune on it ! yikes. gotta be more thrifty for the christmas season!

now how sexy are those shoes and SLEEVES!
this is from blanche macdonald.
my maybe-future-school.

anyways almost holiday break! but realized theres quite a bit of work to be done: (
whatever. LOVE! christmas.
enough to make me smile: )
oh and the thought of making my very first ginger bread house with my girls!
* & spending time with my fam:)
grandparents just arrived last night; everyone was frantically cleaning the house! LOl;
i just gracefully mellowly baked cookies and brownies w/ my friend
(fail brownies.. liquid in the middle! )
I can't wait to watch The Young Victoria; out fri! starring Emily Blunt ( from Devil wears Prada and The Jane Austen Book Club) and NINE which is out on christmas day, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis, only in selected theatres tho; gotta mission to dt once again haha.



Francheska said...

I really like the layering in your outfit and the mix of colors! :)
Glad to hear you´re having a good xmas time! It´s the best time of the year isnt it? x

Evelyn Mak said...

i LOVE the lace dress in the post below.
and i love you :)

Aney, said...

Another Torontonian! Love your style girl :) Darling studded boots and tights!

MizzJ said...

Nice shirt! It looks really good with that belt too. Ohh you should totally go to Blanche Macdonald, Van is such a chill city.