Saturday, December 19, 2009

croissant and sequence and scissors.

pilsbery croissants are so much fun. we put pb& J / chocolate chips& nutella inside :)
working on my silver dress
spoof sweater.
jeanmachine jeans.

christmas christmas. SO SOON!
still got a few more gifts to get... it'd be so easy if i can just give everyone a donation from world vision. it's such a good cause. and they do donations to families in toronto as well who are in poverty.

so my prom dress (in the background of my pics) is in a little bit of trouble, the whole bodice/ cleavage part is really unflattering and i might have to redo it : ( boo. spent hourrs sewing on sequence on it. all well. Then I finally made my silver sequence dress above : ) inspired by a leopard print dress by Escada. I think i'm gonna add some black and bronze studs on the strap. hmm

so last night i watched AVATAR it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, there's so much truth and reflection to our society it made me tear up so badly. oh gosh it's so good, everyone should watch it; I heard that they spent almost the same amount of money on avatar as they did on TITANIC. avatar was kind of "pocahontas" meet " Star Wars". the graphics was amazing; basically talking about how society can so easily turn a blind eye to doing such inhumane things for a bit of money and wealth. so sad.



Julie said...

I have never had pb&j croissants, but they sound delicious.

The silver dress is gorgeous!

Walk The Sand said...

Love a bit of DIY. Great job.

MéLissa said...

This dresses is beautifull !!
Good work Miss
I like