Wednesday, December 23, 2009

counting down to xmas!!

Dundas square. greeting the polar bearr.

it's hard to think when i'm a little bit intoxicated LOL jks. oh. kay. SO . it's been a long day forgive my incompetent a la moment.
woke up & had french toast with my daddy and aunt. then headed to Markville for some goodies for my girlies secret santa exchange get together 8) got gingercookie
house kit, icing sugar, candycanes, sugar sprinkles, christmas jelly beans, christmas chocolates........ etc.
a very chills girls days in @ my friends place; my friends are sooooo talented, playing the piano and singing their heart out. such beautiful music to my hears! omgosh sweet and salty popcorn is so addicting! (as weird as it sounds lol) had chicken wings and veggie delisio? pizza for lunch :) yummy in my tummy. Then made GINGERBREAD HOUSE! So much fun; & tasted equally as amazing!
Then we did gift exchange under the christmas tree. isn't her tree SO beautiful! anyways my secret santa wasn't there so i don't have mine yet, but soon enough : P. We chose a Korean dance movie to watch, can't remember what it's called but it's so cute! too bad i didn't get to finished it coz I had to go to patterning class, i missed it yesterday. Coz my bro has the car since he's been back from waterloo i've been carless and dependant : ( boo.
so i was at patterning class super early, i learned to make a collared blazer today. collars are SO hard to make lol; i was half dozing off in class though; i'm too tired haha. *yawn* & headed to house jam at night ; first one with my bro! it was good; bacardi 151 is soooooo stronggggg... i still feelit in my stomach ! LOl; it was a chills night; don't you just love xmas : ) hope you're all having a very merry christmas like i am! : )

dec 24, 09
went to Harbour front to go skating! : )
I was at Finch Station way before my friends (THEY SLEPT IN!) so while I waited, I got metallic green nail polish from Shoppers
my friends had the best idea to get 50 gift cards of $2.54 to give out to homeless people. Just enough for medium hot coco/coffee and a buttered bagel:) it was so nice to see them smile when we gave it out, most of them said "right on", we're starting to think there's a conspiracy that they'll all say that haha. too bad we couldn't find that many, I'm guessing since its christmas eve, most of them are at a shelter or something :S it was fun to spread the love though!
then we found a display; snowing MARSHMELLOWS! : ) yumm:P
I 'very-last-minute'ly planned a xmas party at my grandma's condo coz she's selling it, and she's at her other house with my grandpa. technically the flat is already sold but the closing day is the 6th:P so i shall throw some parties before its gone forever!! People did show up but all at different times, eventually the ratio was like 20 guys to me ! : ( LOl that's what I get for not having more girlfriends/ girlfriends who don't have early curfews! at 2am (batman on tv finally ended and we went out for snacks; yum strawberry icecream: )!)

dec 25, 09
fam BRUNCH @ hilton hotell YUM:P ! and there was compliment photograph per family! it was fun posing with my family hhaha. the assistant photographer said we all have beautiful smiles :D yay!
me santa, bro and daddy: )
ear rings: vintage (mother's)
lipstick: Smash box
Top: Rw&co
necklace: Juicy couture
ciao 4 now
love YOURS truly

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MizzJ said...

Omg are you wearing shorts in winter?!? Hmm actually I've gone out wearing minis and heels to the club too.. so never mind :) Merry Christmas!! I'm suuper impressed with your gingerbread house skills.