Thursday, December 31, 2009

wool and sequins!

so i'm secretly an old grandma. scarf and hat knitted by yours truly. :P

blazer: armani
Vneck shirt: blue ice
skirt: (xmas gift!) UB
boots: no idea (ancient found in the back of mom's closet..)

so NEW years resolution. I better get it down in fine print before i get lazy and back out.
1) go on facebook twice a week ( THATS SO TOUGH)
2) be more patient& understanding
3)love myself & others!
4) get a job & save up to travel
5) step outside of my comfort bubble
6) get a juicer and be more healthy(magic bullet?!)
7) respect and love my parents more
8) sleep earlier, wake up earlier.
9) be more optimistic and open minded
10) read more:) literary is knowledge. i love having a big brain.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So I've been asked to do a review for CSN Stores, and I am excited to say have some darn cute purses! They also have Kipling totes! The site also features Aerosoles with very classic, quality shoes, great for work and those who are always on their feet! The price ranges quite a bit, the purse above is 126.99 and the plum purple sequins one below( which I ADORE) is only $26.00 and free shipping! ; ) y'all should check out the site and find some good steals 8)

Ciao4now ♡

Monday, December 28, 2009

sketched out.

sorry for the amateurish art lol; sketching is such a skill of practice. i swear my sketching in grade 5 was much better than this! lol stupid ARTS YORK. only train our painting skills. I actually don't remember the last time i had to "sketch" anyways. i was very inspired by some drawing on other people's blog. I PROMISE i'll work on my sketchingg haha and blog some nicer stuff.

i've always been a diary person, like since I was six. I literally have like... maybe 25 NOVELS written in my burgundy treasure chest under my bed haha. I'm SUCH a dork. i know i know. but it's so nice to read back on memories. I mean memories are too precious to be forgotten, and writing really helps me ponder on things that haven't been revealed to me before... anyways gotta be more productive before holidays over!What a mistake staying up till 4 am yesterday. I woke up at 2pm and am so sad coz i basiclaly wasted my whole day! and then my dad oh-so-intelligently brought me out for lunch at Milestones and ordered a pitcher of MOJITO. So not only do i feel a bit zoned out from waking up late, i'm also tipsy. LOL. but i assure this isn't a drunk blog hehe.
shirt: TOUGH
scarf: Esprite


p.s. AH! i keep forgeting what day it is, you know how holiday is, all the days get blurred and mondays often feels like saturdays? my pattern teacher just called me, TOTALLY forgot about my class. again. ITS TUESDAY. sorry for my little frivolous spazz *8)

almost snow day

i just read
oh it's so cute. basically a guy in the USA stumbled across a page of a girl in Singapore. and he felt the URGE to have her. and it all unfolds so fairytale like. they're engaged!

I can't wait for my "love story"!! Lol; i'm such a hopeless romantist.
but then again, i'm in a weird way a feminist, I mean You can call coco chanel a feminist right? and she's such an inspiration. Never married yet has two men falling head over heels for her. She had a men willing to pay for anything she wants for the rest of her life, but instead of saying OUI she goes off working and creating her own business! I am most definitely inlove with fashion, and all I want is to make an imprint in the world (I have so much motivation bottled up in me and I am so ambitious.. I can NEVER settle for a rich guy and be a housewife you know? ) and I want to make a difference in what I truly believe in(which is a lot for those who know me)... but it would definitely be a plus if i had a guy i was inlove with as well^^
I can't say I know exactly what i want
I mean I'm only 17! values always change right?
it'd be fun to read back on this when I'm like 25.

so I've been talking about blazers for a while...
my mom gave me her Giordano blazer.
I paired it with a jean machine "foxy" top.
jean machine jeans (back from when I was grade9, it really is worth paying a bit more for something that you will wear for a long time ;)
Aldo Shoes
&Yellow scarff!
+vintage strap purse.

red channel nail polish & 2.99 Shopper's green nail polish.

it was such a cold day. spent day shopping away at fabric land and havng warming pho noodles with my friendsies ;) I finally finished my Ryerson portfolio! just gotta get my two reference letter and OUAC number ( SHOOT i lost it : ( !) it's all so exciting, I'm applying to fashion design but after doing research on some of my favourite Canadian designers, I realized a lot of them were from the fashion COMMUNICATION of ryerson... ah! And my friend whose in the program now said it's SO intense. Up till 6 am doing hwk/ studying and then commuting to school at 7 am. but you know what? I'm am so excited to LEARN every aspect of fashion and do it. I gave up a night of clubbing at Circa to finish my Portfolio but then again I have this FOBIA of not finishing things. Like I can't be ripped away from essay/ project/ assignments once I've started it.

anyways, then I movied at silver city. "Alvin the Chipmunk" So adorable! three 17 year olds surounded by 7 year olds. oh we are 7 year olds at heart LOL. Then snuck into "Invictus". It's mainly about believing in a dream, Nelson Mendela and South African's Rugby team going to World Cup. "I am the captain of my soul" there were quite a few really deep quotes. The poem that was the inspiration even when Mandela was imprisoned for 30 years:

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

- William Ernest Henley

Oh and my friend really liked the quote

"if one doesn't change them selves, the world will not follow"
being an example is the best inspiration.

hope y'all are enjoy your holiday


Saturday, December 26, 2009


every picture is shot by my amazing friend Jonathan Pang except for the last one.
all clothing is made by me: P except for the denim shorts and accessories.

hope you enjoyed the pics!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

counting down to xmas!!

Dundas square. greeting the polar bearr.

it's hard to think when i'm a little bit intoxicated LOL jks. oh. kay. SO . it's been a long day forgive my incompetent a la moment.
woke up & had french toast with my daddy and aunt. then headed to Markville for some goodies for my girlies secret santa exchange get together 8) got gingercookie
house kit, icing sugar, candycanes, sugar sprinkles, christmas jelly beans, christmas chocolates........ etc.
a very chills girls days in @ my friends place; my friends are sooooo talented, playing the piano and singing their heart out. such beautiful music to my hears! omgosh sweet and salty popcorn is so addicting! (as weird as it sounds lol) had chicken wings and veggie delisio? pizza for lunch :) yummy in my tummy. Then made GINGERBREAD HOUSE! So much fun; & tasted equally as amazing!
Then we did gift exchange under the christmas tree. isn't her tree SO beautiful! anyways my secret santa wasn't there so i don't have mine yet, but soon enough : P. We chose a Korean dance movie to watch, can't remember what it's called but it's so cute! too bad i didn't get to finished it coz I had to go to patterning class, i missed it yesterday. Coz my bro has the car since he's been back from waterloo i've been carless and dependant : ( boo.
so i was at patterning class super early, i learned to make a collared blazer today. collars are SO hard to make lol; i was half dozing off in class though; i'm too tired haha. *yawn* & headed to house jam at night ; first one with my bro! it was good; bacardi 151 is soooooo stronggggg... i still feelit in my stomach ! LOl; it was a chills night; don't you just love xmas : ) hope you're all having a very merry christmas like i am! : )

dec 24, 09
went to Harbour front to go skating! : )
I was at Finch Station way before my friends (THEY SLEPT IN!) so while I waited, I got metallic green nail polish from Shoppers
my friends had the best idea to get 50 gift cards of $2.54 to give out to homeless people. Just enough for medium hot coco/coffee and a buttered bagel:) it was so nice to see them smile when we gave it out, most of them said "right on", we're starting to think there's a conspiracy that they'll all say that haha. too bad we couldn't find that many, I'm guessing since its christmas eve, most of them are at a shelter or something :S it was fun to spread the love though!
then we found a display; snowing MARSHMELLOWS! : ) yumm:P
I 'very-last-minute'ly planned a xmas party at my grandma's condo coz she's selling it, and she's at her other house with my grandpa. technically the flat is already sold but the closing day is the 6th:P so i shall throw some parties before its gone forever!! People did show up but all at different times, eventually the ratio was like 20 guys to me ! : ( LOl that's what I get for not having more girlfriends/ girlfriends who don't have early curfews! at 2am (batman on tv finally ended and we went out for snacks; yum strawberry icecream: )!)

dec 25, 09
fam BRUNCH @ hilton hotell YUM:P ! and there was compliment photograph per family! it was fun posing with my family hhaha. the assistant photographer said we all have beautiful smiles :D yay!
me santa, bro and daddy: )
ear rings: vintage (mother's)
lipstick: Smash box
Top: Rw&co
necklace: Juicy couture
ciao 4 now
love YOURS truly

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

heart top.

so first i want to say thanks y'all for commenting! means a lot :)

so another self made shirt;
i was bored of looking at an ugly white shirt and a black shirt from when i was... 11?
so i sewed it up after constantly seeing this style of "implicating" tube top .

UrbanBehaviour cardigan
self made top
cup up jeans (& i painted on it )
HK leggings
Aldo shoes

Oh how i love holidays; given me much more time to blog haha. it was ton of fun yesterday running around dt from washroom to washroom for photoshoot; can't wait to see the pix! I've only seen one. the one below :P isn't it so professional haha!
so it was freezing but all well. ( and quite slippery on the skating rink LOl) umm there were a lot of stares and some guy actually started talking to us. kinda creepy since he was yelling out words while i was posing .. lol BUT it was funny coz he's like oh so whats happening here; and my friend said oh just taking some pics. i'm not paid nothing big. and he's like oh so YOUR a CHRISTIAN aren't you; LOL that made me laugh so hard. coz we are; but it was besides the point. And he started saying that he loves God;; and then was like, oh is this your girlfriend? no? well you better ask her out. LOl ahh how dt makes me laugh.

after eating at a really cute thai cuisine on dundas. i think it's called salad something. ( bad memory i know .) I got a really cute guy blazer. been looking for a 'serena vanderwood' blazer for a while, and it was only 20 bucks reduced from 79.99@ h&m! just gotta tailor the back and pull in the waist size hehe. and mommy's xmas pres @ mac. woo what a successful day. and then my energy died on the subway home. it's been a long day. plus i went clubbing the night before! anywayss being the typical azn. gotta go to piano class : ( haha

ciao 4 now beautifuls

Monday, December 21, 2009

ho ho ho @ the club

wearing dress I made from last post !
a nice night at guv; there was a fightt; ouch. other than that i was fun; very packed as usual; really sad that best friends flopped! but theres circa next week haha. too bad the sky bar is closed! i was so looking forward to it; even though it's like below 0 degree.. haha! im getting way too old for all age though; 15 year old guys coming up to us was hilarious. they're so cute. i remember when i was there age! anyways; danced the night away. fun stuff.

afterwards i kinda got stranded out of my house so we chilled in the car in front of pizza pizza; when we decided to go into it; it closed! pizza pizza closes at 2 am. LOL i never knew that! Then finally my mom picked up her phone and i got her to open the back door for me. 8) I had like the nicest sleep of my life lol! I think I need to go clubbing more, it helps me sleep really well: P even though I slept at 4 am. haha.

I'm looking forward to photoshoot with my friend today!-of all the dresses and clothing I've made for my portfolio. I'm so excited! I get to go Downtown again, lets just hope I don't freeze. Woot Downtown! *heart* my home.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

croissant and sequence and scissors.

pilsbery croissants are so much fun. we put pb& J / chocolate chips& nutella inside :)
working on my silver dress
spoof sweater.
jeanmachine jeans.

christmas christmas. SO SOON!
still got a few more gifts to get... it'd be so easy if i can just give everyone a donation from world vision. it's such a good cause. and they do donations to families in toronto as well who are in poverty.

so my prom dress (in the background of my pics) is in a little bit of trouble, the whole bodice/ cleavage part is really unflattering and i might have to redo it : ( boo. spent hourrs sewing on sequence on it. all well. Then I finally made my silver sequence dress above : ) inspired by a leopard print dress by Escada. I think i'm gonna add some black and bronze studs on the strap. hmm

so last night i watched AVATAR it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, there's so much truth and reflection to our society it made me tear up so badly. oh gosh it's so good, everyone should watch it; I heard that they spent almost the same amount of money on avatar as they did on TITANIC. avatar was kind of "pocahontas" meet " Star Wars". the graphics was amazing; basically talking about how society can so easily turn a blind eye to doing such inhumane things for a bit of money and wealth. so sad.