Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wearing a canvas.

this is my feminist dress for my arts York Class ; let me explain lol!
stripes; like caution tape like watch out this girl can do some serious stuff ; )
and on each strip it says something positive and why women should really appreciate and love themselves: brain, beauty, individuality, strength, independence.. and the stripes are also a beware sign to women in how they present themselves and try not to get media influence them ( newspaper and magazine collage on the sides) because most companies are own by men, and it is men influencing how most women are portrayed.
there are a few things painted along the bottom of the dress; corset, tie, undies, work shirt; and a girl standing in the door way ( as if she stripped off all her clothes that both defines being in a work place with man as well as embracing her femininity ). the gold sparkle representing how girls sparkle duh; girl power! and also being proud of who we are. :)

second and third painting coming along :)! can't wait to have the collection of three dresses!
ciao 4now♡

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The Queen of Hearts said...

These are amazing pieces, I can't believe no one has commented on them as yet!