Monday, November 9, 2009

law abiding citizen

top: spoof
jeans: mendocino
shoes: escada
buttterfly!!! LOL from those machines where you put 2bucks in and you try to fish one out!
my friend tried for the big one
but then if you don't get it you can keep playing till you get a crappy one Lol;
once again i pulled it out by accident; trying to pull a ugly jellyfish and somehow a butterfly came out of nowhere haha.
i like.

super relaxing day; out all day with my awesome friends : ) ate at yummy restaurant named SOBAN by finch, went to richmonhill library with friendsies and borrowed a stack of dvd so excited to start watching ! & then danced in the parking lot of finch hahaha. and movied; law abiding citizen which i really like : one of those thinking movies. & sushi with mommy;

love pa days!

ciao 4now


Evelyn Mak said...

The third picture looks like it's actually from a photoshoot :) Hi dear.

Carrie said...

i LOVE your top!