Friday, November 20, 2009

it's a new era

well for me anyways; i finally moved and am absolutely inlove with my room!! everything is kind of changing and it's fast! lol.

so i was downtown the other day for nation portfolio day; but because of the parade it took my friend and i forever to get down there! and then i couldn't get a interview with PRATT (first time i've heard of it; ny design school) i waited for 50 minutes! and the girl infront of me was the last one to be seen. alwell. grabbed street hotdog. SOO gooooodd : P and shopped a bit and headed back uptown. p.s. my first time on the GO bus! so comfy haha.

this is me downtown across from OCAD; wearing hat and scarf from H&M, Vneck navy long sleeve from Dynamite, dress from H&M, purse I found while moving into my new house; i put frills on it :P, self made belt from the previous entry, lace tights and aldo boots.

This painting I did is finally hung on my wall lol; screw the teacher who gave me like 75%; i still really like my work : P

so i happened to see this at eatons and so (with the inspiration of my friend as well) decided to add some spunk to my ado boots : )

a random pic of me in the hallway of my school: brown button up from europe, pumkin skinny jeans, oldnavy tank and my moms ear rings: )

a flimpse at my room; notice the SHOEE RACK : ) * & i have a table just for sewing and my cozy bed ! oh and like amazing big windows. only thing is the room is kind of cold.. brr.

In Fashion Student group transforming an old teeshirt...

stuck in trafic


selfmade sweater; it's soooo comfy : )

gotta run!

ciao4now ♡


MizzJ said...

Wow love your painting, it's so good!! Screw that teacher for sure. And your diy sweater is super cute - looking hot! ;)

Evelyn Mak said...

I still have to see your room... actually your HOUSE. Oh goodness.
I love all your diy stuff :)

Evelyn Mak said...

oh, and here's some fashion blogs that i've passed by and liked, btw. just discovered her from friend's blog, she's gorgeous and I love her style:
and you might have seen her before she'd featured in some aa ads and in a magazine they did a spread on her i forgot which one though: