Sunday, November 8, 2009

little red dress

dress: star (Queen st.)
belt: CK
boots: OMG my life! aldo.
cardigan: tristen&iseut

and then night time:
H&M longsleeve
bangles: vancouver
miscellaneous necklace.

So i finally had my SAT yesterday morning, such a long and tedious exam! Hope I did well though, and it gave me the chance to revisit Saint Andrew's college aka hogwarts! lol it amazes me how different life is just a 20 minute drive away. very small european town feel with construction all around. I also love these events where students everywhere come together, really opens you eyes and helps you revert from bigotry. I spent all day with my daddy, and we went downtown and I got a chance to finally buy some fabric on Queens and got some really good steals! the sale before winter is amazing ; ) The dress above was one of them, for 6.99!

i really love the atmosphere of downtown. it's so amazing and full of life.
Ended my day with an amazing dinner at the restaurant at AGO.
it is very classy and grandiose,
the hostess took our jackets, and flat water came in a bottle, and salt came in an oyster shell.
it's a MUST-experience .

anyways gotta go for hot yoga!


ps. stray from the homogenized society. i dare you.
my friend (hope your kicking ass in cali! miss you!) brought me to Becoming Fully Human course and it really made me think of my meaning of life, what's yours?

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