Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tee: starfield. i cut it and tied knots on the side
white tank: Guess
Jeans: Buffalo
bow pin: self-made
ring: Claire's
hair: french braid
heels: replay
bag: leshop

so funny story about my bag;
my daddy comes in to my room and asks if i want a recycled bag, when i go grocery shopping. So i said sure; go environment! right? then I see it and i'm like.. it looks EXACTLY like my abercombie and fitch bag; so i showed it to him. picture below except mine is pink.
how weird! anyone ever heard of the brand leshop?
maybe a lot of brands just take this model and just stamp their brand on it and sell it for twice as much :\ anyways, i thought it was fascinating haha : )

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