Tuesday, October 13, 2009

plastic or accomplishment?

haltor: self-made
leggings&legwarmers: H&M
boots: UP
skirt: seduction
scarf: UP
anna-sui-like ring: claires

so today on the virgin radio (99.9) i was listening to how there's a pageant for the best PLASTIC surgery. so i was like interesting.. until i heard how provoked the radio guy was about how they're worshiping the making of plastic in us. and then i realized how true that is. Where is that line between enhancing your beauty and plasticfying yourself?

I always thought of makeup as a function of an etiquette as well as enhancing your features and just being more confident for myself. but where does that end? i don't think plastic surgery is a bad thing but someday we will all get lost in it. I'm thinking about the book Uglies by scott westerfield. i decided to go au naturel for the week and just work what what I've been given. key to love is to love yourself first : )


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