Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures worth a thousand words right?

so i finally found my camera cord lol;
so i uploaded quite a few pics..
grey sweater: HK
Belt: Jean machine
Tights: HK
leg warmers: H&M
boots: Costa Blanca accessories
gypsy purse: Gift

Anna Sui lipstick
Lancome lipgloss
every loved soemthing that hurts you?
this ring is so painful
but madly inlove with it.
hey emmanuel
fashionable in pink?
sugar cookie with WHOLE wheat flour.
mission and a half to make
well iiiii think it tastes GROSS LOL but we sold a few for 50cents
for the fashion student group! : )

some doodles

scarf: Korea
tights: i'll get back to you
Dress; HK
heels: Korea
cardigan: H&M

Nuit Blanch:
really sick building that i didn't get to go in coz of super long line up.
newspaper dress
amazing fusion of fine arts and fashion design

dress: Urban behavioru
boots: Guess
Scarf: asia
jacket: ma mere's
shirt: Zara(China)
skinny jeans: Buffalo !
necklace: HK
belt: moms

my Date outfit
cardigan: H&M
tank: Guess
skirt; seduction
legwarmers; H&M
heels: Replay
purse: Juicy Couture

so new places to check out:
ZEN- reservations is a must do
eglinton & mccowan.
amazing sashimi &Sake

SUPERStar- yummies chickenwings
widest variety; east beaver creek
perfect guy spot. or guy hunting spot ; )

latest movie
Invention of Lying- cute light movie.
a good date movie i would say.
romantic comedy; interesting idea
world with no lying!


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MizzJ said...

I love all your outfits, esp the ones with legwarmers!! I really must incorporate mine more this winter.