Tuesday, October 6, 2009

life in motion

I haven't been able to upload pictures in a while because i can't find my camera cord. but i promise i'll look harder lol : )

so. where shall i start. Nuit Blanche was pretty exciting, a little disappointed because everything was so far apart. and in my 4 inch Guess Heels, i almost died after the third hour of running accross Torornto. & then going to Vola to go clubbing..
my sleeping schedule is alllll over the place. i stayed up really late sunday night to finish 75% of my art proj. and most of the time i was just staring at it. i hate the process work of an art piece ><
this was in the middle of the night. (i'l upload the finished one soon : )

I was inspired by my friend when he said he'll start a raw diet where you only eat raw fruits and vegetables and can only drink water. SOO i guess i'm participating in that since yesterday. I feel SOO HUNGRY lol a warm toast would be so DELICIOUS. but i'm trying to hold strong will power for a week !
you can check out more info from www.rawlala.com/why_raw.html

Umm. let's see, what else is happening. For my french Project I had to "apply for a french job" and that was when i landed KOOKAЇ "Australian classic with a touch
of Parisian chic" the clothing and campaign is just beautiful and provoking. Too bad there are none in Canada but I think there are some stores in HongKong.
and i just finished my written proposal for art:
i'm super excited for this new project
it will be three dresses made out of canvas and will be painted so that it is literally art in motion.
The themes I would like to tackle is a mix of identity, vision and play. These themes are personal to my point of view which is a twist of a feminist and an anti-media consumer. I would like to explore the female intellectuality and independence along with their fun individualism. I think it is a very important issue to be true to our identity without the big influences from the colossal industries dominated and controlled by males.

In developing my personal style, I will try bolder approaches because I love the use of colours which works with the theme play. I think aesthetic is a very important aspect of my personal style and therefore, unity and symmetry would be an important element that will be conspicuous in my works. I enjoy fashion and the use of textile, so I would further develop my style by amalgamating the traditional canvas painting with the contemporary fashion and apparel, to fuse the best of two.

The intended mood of each piece is playful and should be aesthetically pleasing. I hope to create a light mood but also to send out a strong message which is women should value their intelligence, their independence, and willing to take risks in the world that seems so be still dominated by men. Women need to be strong and learn that the admiration of brain over beauty is crucial. The blend of aestheticism and feminism would be interesting in composition because feminists tend to withdraw from beauty as to not give into how the male society wants them to look like, but I think beauty is important along with intellectuality which is why females are so extraordinary when differentiating between males. This is why females should love their identity and be confident and playful.

My plan for the three painting projects involves canvas and sewing. I would like to make three life size dresses out of canvas or a smoother fabric to carry out the theme of identity. I believe that art should be constantly moving, and the best way to expose a piece to a large audience is if it can be part of a daily routine which in this case is an article of clothing. I will first fully paint a contemporary piece dealing with subjects such as make-up, career goals, discrimination and other issues that women deal with. Other possible contents could be life-style and different philosophies of a feminists' world.

There has been many artists that deal with textile or feminism. One of the earliest examples of incorporating art into textile was in 1947 when the Onondaga Silk Company decides to improve the US textile by referencing to famous art pieces such as works by Glady Rockmor. It was the start of allowing embellishment of women with priceless art. Another artist name Francesca Di Meglio creates wedding sketches of wedding gowns as purchased gifts from the husband to the the newly wed. Francesca's art represent the significance and identity of a woman's life where the world stood still for her special day through the symbol of the wedding gown. A very famous example of feminism is The Guerrilla Girls who are know to be "anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood"(guerrillagirls.com) by exposing sexism, racism and the corrupted politics through shocking visuals. They challenge many authorities which is important in terms of identity.

hope you liked it! ciao4now beautiful

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