Friday, October 16, 2009

just another of those days.

denim: H&M
boots: Guess
sequence vest: Pmall
speghetti strap: Guess
scarf: self-made

so i really like this tank top from Guess, it's on sale now i think 5$ off 39.99
it's really worth it tho becaause the lines are really body flattering as well as super soft fabric.
with a lil charm at the bottom left hand corner.
so this is my very first successful omelette LOL; don't laugh. i know it's not the prettiest.... but it's fun filled! avec mushrooms, tomato, chicken ham, yellow pepper, onion, and frenchy cheese; funny story making it; lol as i was about to throw all the ingrediants in the pan, i got burnt by the vicious hot oil that attacked me when i started pouring the stuff in that i dropped like a good third of the food on the floor, and then i realized i haven't beat the eggs yet. then i turn around and my dog has cleaned up the whole floor LOL.

yum : ) (oh and the white fluffy stuff is yogurt :P )
time to take out the winter jacket!
always fun-
ciao 4now;

P.S. check out my friends music; it's so good!

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