Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween!

finally not that sick!
gotta say THANKS to my amazing friend!
i know your reading this :P
who got me starbuck's applecider, timmies cream&brocoli soup, & MEDS from shoppers haha <3>haha anyways just in time for halloween! ; so i made this in grade 10 but never really made much use out of it.
so this year i will be tinkerbell! I also wore silver/black eyelashes; really fun . love it. only thing missing is the BIG white ball on the shoes.

so tonight i watched Saw VI ; So good; i'm such a Saw fan, it's so twisted and it really is the only scary movie with a GOOD story line : ) anyways. also had a delicious meal at Hannabe : P
yum sushi!


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