Monday, October 12, 2009

gobble gobble.

happy thanksgiving y'all : )
like my pimping sequence runners?
aldo accessories
jacket: elements
wool tank: veeko
leggings: mango
belt: calvinklein
so i've been at timmies and starback at least once everyday of this long weekend
hooked on green tea!
(again)& friend intro-ed a drink to me that isss EURPHORIC. must try from timmies : ) Hotchocolate with peppermint teabag : ) cup of heaven.
my saturday noon sewing up my prom dress; almost done!! i'm so excited.
so my amazingly relaxed weekend consisted of green tea, ordering pizza with family at midnight, playing RISK till 5 am, reading @starbucks & getting free chocolate chip cookie!, sitting in a car, blasting music, in the parking lot of fmp with BUNCH of ppl LOL twice, talking about relationship while eating swiss chalet takeouts w/ fam (coconut cream pie is to die for!), and talking to Blanch MacDonald! where the lady talks LIIIIIIIIIIIKE thissssssss. the fashion program there is only a year!:\ i dont know if i can handle doing such a short post secondary education. university stuff soo sooon. scary to think about it!

anyways i'm gonna enjoy the rest of the weekend : )
multi-media art piece i finally finished. comments?


MizzJ said...

Ooh your dress look nice and I love your shoes, so funky! Is there a Blanche Macdonald in TO? I know the school here in Vancouver is pretty popular and well known. I think Ryerson has a fashion program as well... said...

only school is in vancouver! sadly no where else: (
ryerson is my first choice : )