Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Escada fashion show!

escada sequence crop sweater: $6600! so cute!

with the DJ
with one of the models wearing a piece from the newest collection of Escada and with mom : )
a part-time model aussi notre server of the night
view was amazing; louis vuitton and channel out there

sweater: Zara
Tank: Guess
Shorts: Armani Exchange HK
heel boots: Valentina
scarf: costa blanca
The fashion show was very casual and the models walked up to us and we could touch their clothes and asked questions. food is exquisite as always, patté, smoked salmon, chicken spring rolls... wine wine and champaign yum. & the waiters that served it was equally yummy ; ) I met some really cool people, a really famous hair stylist from Los Angeles who really likes my hair and would want to work with it haha, and a watch store owner/ part-time model. Ended off the night a Sushi Time on Queen street. Delicious japanese cuisine and very affordable price!

(& a few side notes)
cavity: So i got my very first filling today! it was so scary; i have such bad memories because when i was super young, i got my four front teeth pulled out and all i remember is the needle Lol; well anyways the needle was painless and fast: ) the freezing lasted quite a bit tho : ( luckily it's not on the bottom haha. or i'd bee drooling and would even know ! YIKES

Zombieland: So i watched it... and i think was pretty stupid.. and kinda scary (wow i can't deal with scary music lol it freaks me out) and i felt so stupid for being scared because i was with like 6 guys who were laughing their brains out -.- but the ending was pretty cute : )

sawVI: coming out friday! so excited


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