Thursday, October 15, 2009

denim it up

so i'm guilty of cutting up a few pairs of jeans in the summer and making them into shorts:P
and i never threw out the rest of the jeans and so i decided to create a dress! hope you guys like it. and i threw the dress into the washing machine for those denim frills that i love : )

my latest fetish: bows.
self-made: )
scarf: self-knit. lion yarn : )
dress: self-made
stripe tights: HK
runners: Aldo accessories
belt: CK

so i recently, somehow, managed to crack my lancome lipgloss inside my purse. and as if it's not sad enough i lost a really nice shade of lipgloss, it also spilled everywhere! especially all over my suede purse. anyone knows any remedy? i've tried everything from soap to rubbing alcohol LOL!

anyways gotta go to school!
ciao 4now

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MizzJ said...

Cute diy, love all the shredding!