Thursday, September 3, 2009


Escada heels.
scarf: costaBlanca
dress: Guess
ring: moms
shoes: escada
this is my awesome photographer (mentioned in my last blog); who happened to be at banquet too lol

so the banquet was alright; getting ready was fun. woo second Place in CCSA (softball!). I got this dress a while back coz it was on sale and i finally get to wear it : ) I watched Final Fantasy. soooooooo dissapointed. what a bad movie : ( exactly like all the other ones, same story line and everything but 3d... I was totally expecting a good endingggg; anyway; ppl are so strict on 18A movies; damn lol. if not for my friend i couldn't have watched it "i'm born 1987, i'm 19" "no your not.. are you sure your 19?" "I told you i'm 21 turning 22 born 1987" " oh.. okay sorry you can go in then" LOL

gotta teach art now. ciao4now:P

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