Saturday, September 19, 2009


so darn i really should've taken a "before picture" or like process pix. but anyways
1) Lancome concealer
2) Rimmel warm honey liquid foundation
3) circle lens (makes pupil bigger lol can you tell? my second time wearing them!)
4) Maybeline (deine-a-line) eye-liner
5) faux eyelashes
6) No7 eyebrow pencil
7) Bobby Brown bronzer
8) Maybeline lip gloss

Alcott belt
H&M leggings
Nelgire polo
a dress i made :) i'll get better pics of it later. umm ya fabric was from school (fashion club when i was in grade9. total fail; but this year i'm gonna make an awesome one, can't wait!) and never got a chance to use it and i really like the folded plaid design at the top of dress/skirt.
so i watched Jennifer's body last night; weirdestt shit lol. Like it's suppose to be scary? and then they put a comedy twist on all the scary scenes. shoot what's that called? comic relief. that's right lol anyways likee as jennifer's about to chop up a boy, her bestfriend is maing love to her bf for the first time and says" put it in" like... umm.... and then when Jennifer starts devouring the poor goth boy, and for somer reason Needy(the friend) sees it and starts screaming and stuff while her BF is in her so he thought she liked it. oh and when Needy was scared shitless after seeing her Bff like eating up a boy and then next thing needy makes out with her. Like... what are we suppose to feel? i think the whole movie was kinda mocking evil lol. anways it was really entertaining and megan fox(soooo hot) so i recommend you to watch it. oh and the girl from mamamia, i really like her too : )


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