Sunday, September 6, 2009

je ne veux pas aller apprendre encore..

dress: a3+1 (honey)
shoes: replay
sweater: borrowed;oldnavy
necklace: godmother's pearls
purse: estilo

once school start.
no more being up till 6am. and randomly bussing to find out that subways don't open till 9 and viva doesn't run till @ least 8:30 and realize you're limited to loafting on the streets like a hobo while dressed up in the outfit of last night.

dress: fairweather
skinnyjeans: H&M
haltor cardigan thing: HK
shoes: mom's
so flowers make me happy.
i think every guy should buy flowers for a woman in their life once a day. it will make the world go round. i mean think about it. woman are the biggest PMSers and self-less givers and if you can make them be in a good mood, everything will be good, i mean we have the ability to spear self-less love: ) and i think every man is impacted by some woman figure (mother, friend) so ya, change the world and show appreciation one rose at a time!
thanks for the dozen pink roses babe.

ciao 4 now. 3 more days till school!><

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