Saturday, August 22, 2009

i'm losing hair :O

lol jks; but i shed sooo much; i just took a shower and each time i brush threw my hair a wack comes out LOL; sorry if i'm grossing ppl out but i always thought its funny how much i shed and i still have SOOO MUCH HAIR O_O anyways my last few daysss....
tube top: dynamite
Skirt: Tough
sweater: Extasy
purse: JuicyCouture
shoes (plastic flats with pink embroidery): Aldo
and in my mini skirt and tube top i got inked! (notice the smile of pain)
skirt: seduction
shirt: Breshka (europe)
sweater: Esprit
Purse: zara

such a cute wall; i just had to.
oh the summer daysss; frolicking in choi's kitch .
I made my white shirt with random buttons, it's big so it doesn't touch myy tat :)
oh & then we watch this cute british movie called Love (and other disasters) with brittany Murphy; we ACTUALLY rented the dvd @ Roger's store haha. The main character's name is Emily too :P who works at the Vogues House(:
shirt i made; took a good 2.5 hourO_o
i still need to put buttons down the middle :)
crochet amigurumi
friend bought me the crochet book to make these lil monsters and i've been tring lol; i made the yellow one first so it looks slightly uglier :P
so i love food and my daddy made me this delicious salad:
cracker with foie gras, cherry tomatos & cherries, baby romaine sprinkled with swiss cheese with hidden blueberries and a fig:) yUm
this is a hidden secret; MARCO POLO bakery
a piece of heaven !

ciao4 now :) (it's another beautiful day!)

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