Monday, August 31, 2009

finalement; some sunshine!

my friend jonathan pang decided to do a photoshoot of my friend and I @ too good pond : )lots of fun. i will upload those pictures later; all are with us in clothes I made :P!

cliquez pour une plus grand image
such a nice day!
Tank:rue 21
shorts: seductions
sandals: H&M
bracelet: ARMY.
purse: urban behaviour

so today was registration(thus me walking back to/from school) and it finally hit me that it's last year of high school! i actually just want it to enddd(like skip thru all the stressful uni applications forms and nerding for marks); like i want to graduate and flyy! As much as i enjoyed the high school experience i really want to see something new 8) but i know when prom comes rolling by i will bee sooo miserably sadd lol. we always want what we don't have right?

anywaysss. une plus annee; je suis libre!
ciao4now (:

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