Tuesday, August 4, 2009

civics holiday; party?

Civics Holiday; 2:23am. chilling w/ friends in an empty parking lot
me: armani tank
homemade shortshorts
friend: LaCoste dress
& then we took sticker pics;

Tila Tequila
damn she's hot and got style :) i love this show(shot@love) it's funny and intense; kinda bachlorette but is bisexual. and just purely entertaining; i feel like after watching this show, i SO understand why girls like girls LOl sorry for all the guys out there. try to be less imature/stubborn and more open-minded and sensitive?
anyways the little tila is smoking hot :)
& she's azn; woo.
just chilling in my living room
tank: europe
(writing his newspaper article) "I can tell you that by witnessing Mr. Ayer's courage, his humility, his faith in the power of his art - I've learned the dignity of being loyal to something you believe in ... believing without question that it will carry you home!"
- Steve Lopez, The Soloist
The Soloist; movies that portray schizophrenia is really painful to watch; it's probably the worst disease to have because you are tormented within yourself. but the love for music is amazing; society without art is a souless society. so true.

anyway got to study for history :(& i think i got a COLD -.- from being out at night; why is it SO COLD in the middle of summer !
ciao for now.

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