Monday, August 10, 2009

birthday sex!

so my birthday jam was a BLAST. thanks everyone for coming and helping clean up!! insane packed in my little condo haha; so many memories where to start; umm me and friend sketching Betty to see who can draw better ( i obviously won haha i'll upload the sketch later when my friend scans it for me aha) um my friend made me the most beautifulll cake; seriously she wil be a famous cake maker that ppl will pay thousands of dollars for her work haha. and it's real flowers on it! Kays whatelse well, i remember someone buying me fried rice at the end omg they're so nice LOL it tastes amazing after throwing up and chugging so much smirnoff... one guy totally wasted but then ppl called him " the life of the party" coz he brought everyone together (in watching him and laughing[ he tried to strip my mannequin:S] SORRY! if your reading this! don't get so drunk next time) umm concierge came up and asked us to quiet down and my friend tried very hard to block the doorway haha & went back to jammin!; ppl getting bbt and coming back. by accidently invited SEVERAL groups/ ppl who have beef with each other.. but nothing happened : ) & ya it was amazing :P hit the covers at 3 and woke up to my room carpeted with bodies LOl; guess y'all staying the night; <3
young st. & major mac.
AE v neck
HK short shorts
gift Belts
MiuMiu purse
Diesel flats
UP jacket
AE v neck
HK shorts
La Vienni Heels>


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor ( said...

thanks :)