Monday, August 31, 2009

finalement; some sunshine!

my friend jonathan pang decided to do a photoshoot of my friend and I @ too good pond : )lots of fun. i will upload those pictures later; all are with us in clothes I made :P!

cliquez pour une plus grand image
such a nice day!
Tank:rue 21
shorts: seductions
sandals: H&M
bracelet: ARMY.
purse: urban behaviour

so today was registration(thus me walking back to/from school) and it finally hit me that it's last year of high school! i actually just want it to enddd(like skip thru all the stressful uni applications forms and nerding for marks); like i want to graduate and flyy! As much as i enjoyed the high school experience i really want to see something new 8) but i know when prom comes rolling by i will bee sooo miserably sadd lol. we always want what we don't have right?

anywaysss. une plus annee; je suis libre!
ciao4now (:

Saturday, August 29, 2009


shoes: replay
skinnyjeans: pimpkie(europe)
belt: jeanmachines
top: jacob
necklace: jeanmachines
bracelet:CanadianForces band.
purse: Gucci

stillllllll soo collllllldddd

this might looks disgusting. but it tastes Friken amazing :)
eel potato pancake.

so i'm soo utterly exhausted after a good WHOLE day of softball games; (which we owned of course !) and waking up super early to teach art and then going to times square to watch dance performanceeeeee. i must catch some sleep before the other two games tmw!
ciao 4now!<3

Friday, August 28, 2009

i foun these really cute chocolate line dresses on so adorable.

and the sweetest corset shoot i've ever seen.

Maya Hansen - Cake Corsets Around the World from Maya Hansen on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

lets go to the ex.

top: self-made
Skirt: newpoint(hk)
Pearls: HK
belt: vintage
+cardigan: H&M
*&flats: shoescomapny


+shades: Zara
&purse: Gucci

so CNE was actually a lot of funn lol; got really cute short shorts; acid pink wash for 5$ from urban behaviour. met cute military boys & sat in a plane; and played the games for free (coz we're too broke) went to a cool figure skating show and ate trans fat free, baked fries. YUM! lol. fun day out with the girls :)

b4 heading to Blackout.
Urban behavior Dress
vintage necklace
fun night @guv.
my first time and it was actually really really pretty. my opinion: beats circa. LOVE the skybar:)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

BB DAKOTA. dress.

messengerbag: smart set
peektoe heels: replay
dress: BB Dakota(boathouse)
earrings: vintage

i haven't worn this dress in the longest time. found it at the back of my closet from when i went to Vancouver. I wore it for a day of shopping and yumcha :P i feel to exotic in it haha. anyways
ciao 4now

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i'm losing hair :O

lol jks; but i shed sooo much; i just took a shower and each time i brush threw my hair a wack comes out LOL; sorry if i'm grossing ppl out but i always thought its funny how much i shed and i still have SOOO MUCH HAIR O_O anyways my last few daysss....
tube top: dynamite
Skirt: Tough
sweater: Extasy
purse: JuicyCouture
shoes (plastic flats with pink embroidery): Aldo
and in my mini skirt and tube top i got inked! (notice the smile of pain)
skirt: seduction
shirt: Breshka (europe)
sweater: Esprit
Purse: zara

such a cute wall; i just had to.
oh the summer daysss; frolicking in choi's kitch .
I made my white shirt with random buttons, it's big so it doesn't touch myy tat :)
oh & then we watch this cute british movie called Love (and other disasters) with brittany Murphy; we ACTUALLY rented the dvd @ Roger's store haha. The main character's name is Emily too :P who works at the Vogues House(:
shirt i made; took a good 2.5 hourO_o
i still need to put buttons down the middle :)
crochet amigurumi
friend bought me the crochet book to make these lil monsters and i've been tring lol; i made the yellow one first so it looks slightly uglier :P
so i love food and my daddy made me this delicious salad:
cracker with foie gras, cherry tomatos & cherries, baby romaine sprinkled with swiss cheese with hidden blueberries and a fig:) yUm
this is a hidden secret; MARCO POLO bakery
a piece of heaven !

ciao4 now :) (it's another beautiful day!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


H&M (dt) dress<3
H&M sandels
(i shop there a lil too much)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

here i am

Purse: Zara
Earrings: vintage
Top: Vancouver
Skirt: Seductions (UP)
Heels: La Vienni(Sterling)
yellow tank: gft
Brown Vneck: Costa Blanca
necklace: Teego's sale
Shorts: AE

Playing around with temporary tattoo :P
....before the real one comes along
ciao 4now :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

BUTTON me : )

so i just found a box of buttons; a old H&M haltor (from God knows from when) and leftover denim from my new short shorts; tada.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

splash of fun (:

shirt: Guess
Shorts&belt: pmall
necklace: clothingsale)

Dress: Urban Behavior
Neckalce: APPLE(pmall

Purse: UP
(perfecto pour la plage[beach:)])
tank: UP
Sailor skirt: HK
Necklace: Clothing sale
Wedges: shoe company
swim suit: Triumphant HK i think.