Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer School

I can't believe. back again to school lol; did my binder shopping & new pencil case;
Oh how i miss someoneeeee
umm so i was at pmall and got a really cute belt (above;$10) my brother was looking at laptops because he's going off to waterloo! :( and i realized a lot of the clothes are quite cute haha; except from friends experience i know they fall apart in seconds. I was very tempted to buy these highlighter yellow pointy heels. I normally don't like pointy heel but these were just so cute. It's a small point and so bright. $48;; i thought it was a bit overpriced. For Pmall at least :/
i still really love the yutopia place. yumm ; you make your on frozen yogurt. 8) i love frozen yogurt. Actually yogurt in general; and it's easy to eat with a sore mouth! still. : ( stupid wisdom teeth.

I was heading off to Woodbine Beach.
Tank: H&M
Necklace: Vancouver
Shorts: self cut & sewn

So I survived the first day of Sumer School. Quite a bit of people from everywhere was there so it was nice to see some peopl : ) but what a SMALL world. Last night I was at MasterQ; and because I lost a game; i had to "ask for someone's number". The guy I asked turned out to be at Summer School... "I sure know how to choose my guys" . Anyways; I should go back to doing my English homework...

OMG 3 days until I have my road test; I AM SO psyched; If I passed I get my Bro's car & he's off to HK. BUT I'm so not prepared! I'm taking extra lessons in a few hourss. Wish me luck!

P.S. I am SOO darn sore from dance. 2.5 hours of rehersal; (for Toronto Nigh Market! the 10th)when I walk down the stairs my thigh KILLS; NOTE to self. Do NOT wear heels on days like this. Almost PKed.

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