Monday, July 27, 2009

(: so close

Tank: Guess
Skirt: europe
belt: vintage
ring: mother's
necklace: Juicy

four more days.
96 hours!
&& i'm donee summer school; and TMW is my birthday :P
except i have to prob study for exammmm;
that's okay lol;; 17 - feel so olddddd
but i also think it's the perfect age8)
gotta party it up &make lots of memores!
Vneck: AE
highskirt: h&m
necklace: swarovski starfish
headband: shoppers
earrings: mother's

So I got pulled over by the Cops for the first timeeeee! I was so nervous lmao even tho i'm actually driving legally! (finally) && i sat in my car for the longest time and then this cute-ish cop asked if i knew how to operate the car-.- EXCUSE ME lol; but aparently i didn't have my head lights on, & then he asked for my liscense and proof of insurance (i didn't know how proof of insurance look like.. lol; so i asked the cop; he said it's a pink square and my friend found it :P) the cop was actually one of the nicer ones soo yup;

&& what is with the RAIN; 80 cm of percipitation in toronto over one weekend. like seriously? lol;; it's horrible driving in the pouring rain; and even worse looking for parking spot @ pmall! oh & someone throwing a pie on my windshield and my windshield swiper flingingit in the airand dropping backon the windshield.. & they proceed to flingthemself out the window in a moving car to remove the pie. ;

watched The Ugly Truth Sat;; it's soooooo funny; omg must watch (fave part: vibrating panty @the restaurant lmfao) : )
going to school now.... ugh; ttyl

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