Wednesday, July 29, 2009

seventeen years and a day old

Haltor dress: H&M
Scarf: Accessorize
Boots: Vienna Collection(Sterling)
I finally got high boots! oh so happy :) they're about 3.5 inches high, leather & has two silver circles dangling @ the back off a string;; my birthday present from my dadddy :P <3

i actually had a very lovely dinner with my mommy & daddy4 my sweet seventeen; @ Grand Island; yumm oysters;; i love kumamoto;; (the smallest oness; daddys says they're 3 dollars eachh; haha balling)

17; a-not-so-blank page anymore; like one fourth of my life is over !! but then again; i'm young and alive :) living the rollercoaaster life. *love the jackson trigg wine;; *& creme brule cake?? it tasted more like.. chocolate mouse and cream insideeee;; tastes pretty amazing tho; i blew out the candle and wished........ (secret; )
so TODAY................................
PFT;; doesn't like me these days; my new pink sony camera died on me;; i don't know why but the auto focus is broken and it only focusses if i zoom in a lot... and then NOW my iPhone goes blank whitee;; I don'tk now whyy;; anyone know a solution?? I tried resetting it & plugging into iTunes... but haven't tried resetting it ON itunes;; i'll see if it'll work when the battery dies. \

Anywayss; tmw is last day of school! Final exam;; finallllly almost done;; my july is gone tho : ( today was so rainy in the morning... kinda depressingg; & my head kinda spun, life is so funny. Always throwing curve balls; well i believe everything happens for a reason so I'm letting fate handle my ordeal. ironic that my exam paper today was on the topic " fate vs. freewill"; i came to the conclusion that fate is based on our choices, true that fate does exist and we can't change some things, but then again don't you think our every choice changes the path of our fate somehow. i mean whats the point of life if the outcome will always be the same.. we can't just all sit there like a bump on a log and wait for fate to dawn on us. I believe that God gave us the gift of freewill and if God was fair, our freewill builds our fate ultimately but all our little choices we had to make will culminate into a miraculous plan of God's. "Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, it's a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite sublime plan."-Serendipity

Anyways, you don't know what you have until you lose it. And today opened up my eyes to so many different emotions and feelings. For one i love my bestfriend. I don't know how i would be able to survive life without her. Chicks before dicks; haha; I'm also so thankful that there are so many things that motivate and gives me passion. I've been doing fashion sketches, journaling and reading Pillars of the Earth; i'm a luckky girll in a very priveledge city. I also decided to go workout afterschool with friends;; it was interesting lol; ended up doing some class in the main gym looking like an idiot lol( stepboxes, bench bar & yoga mat; think of everything you can do with that combo)! && bumped into some friendss & challenged to do random machines/ workout/ it's been forever since I've gone to the Y! it used to be my home and now such a stranger lol; but it's welcoming :) Then we drove home seperately. wow. driving seperately. almost fully legal.

life. life. life.
grasp it with a passion
& love it.

ciao for now

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