Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Necklace: HK
Dress: Zara in HK
Food: red bean popcycle
bracelet: self made
So SUMMER school is starting to get verry stressful. I just came home from the library... I need to read 2 books over the weekend and have one group seminar and one ISU presentation+essay due the next week... So much for my weekend plan! I just need to persevere; if I really think about it. there's only 15 more days til summer school is over. quite a very fast earned creditt.. but my beautiful summer!! So many parties going on and activities and events that I can't go to.. PLUS the day before exam is my friken birthday. How lovely. However, i'm very lucky to finally have my g2 and as i was driving home with the music up; for a moment i was so transfixed in the beauty of MARKHAM that i havven't noticed in so long; damn school; ruining my mental state of mind! August better be ALL PLAY. all work and no play makes emily sad.

<-The yellow tag is my summer school id so we don't get mistaken as pedos;

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