Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello Mr. Stress

Ae top
lavender skirt i made
urban planet necklace?
forced smile
burgundy nail polish

so ; i don't think i have ever really met stress to this extent! I don't know why I'm so stressed out about it!! but whatever, i finished my ISU presentation and half done the essay and seminar is tmw and frankenstein test on friday and then im free. for a lil while before history 4 piles on me. but for the time being...

does anyone know where I can take sewing classes.. frik downtown is so far and I don't want to spend hours to just travel for the lesson.. but then a friend said i don't really need classes. that's what uni / colleges are for. true. i hope lol;

so for the past few weeks, beside being smothered by english( which actually isn't that bad with ms. cece coz i learned quite a few life lessons and fresh perspectives on a lot of things) i've met some ppl and have been expose to some new things. It's a more tamed summer I can already foresee compared to last years (partying till 3 every night... i'm too old now lol) but it's liek my last true high school summer. i've been catching up with some friends.. watched a reallly trippy movie called "the secretary" i really like it. met people that i thought had no connection to me but then they do... weird how small this world is. and how different ppl can be in a few years.. or how off you can percieve someone to be.. and how different it is when u leave your comfort zone/ city. and how you would never think to sit in longos for a few hours playing monopoly on my iPhone and bumping into your aunt&uncle, or sitting in timmies doing work on a friday night. i like doing these new things. it gives perspective. especially when weird guys try to talk to you; it's funny. umm as for religion. i am SO confused lol. coz we're learning not to be lukewarm but i feel like it's pushing me away. if u wont let me be lukewarm then ur pushing me to cold... and now i don't know. I believe in God, i like the lifestyle but there are so many things i cannot lie and say i believe and will follow. or maybe something i believe but i can't follow. it's so hard as a teenager when there's so many temptations and all i want to do is have some fun before time passes me by....

anyways; thinking so much in the summer, to me, is killing my braincells.

soo i'mm gonna just soak up the sun while i can. : )

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