Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day out with the Girls

shades: Zara in Italy
Oversized tank: Cassis
Shorts: somewhere in France
Belt: Jean Machine
Wedges: Morgan
NEW vest: THAT store :P
neckalce: Apple; p-mall

picture is worth a thousands word right?
finally last day of school; exam was easy; 25 multiple choice questions; my iphone is still broken; Chilled @pmall with my girls; I tried my own horoscope bbt featured at TenRens; (hapiscus [wtf is habiscus ! LOL) & passionfruit i think is for Leos) taste mehh.. let my friend drink most of it lol; pmall is pretty good during the afternoon where you dont have to fight for a parking spot; had curry fishball. most azn food but dam GOOD ;) got an apple crystal necklace, a sequence vest, and heels :) then had to go teach art to my two cute studentss ; (served
my birthday cake to them) they are so cuteeeeeee!
then headed to Alas kitchen for dinnerr; and omg RUDEST service ever; i went ther to have the deep-fried banana in ice honey and after our meal we asked for it and they said " not today; chef is busy" and walked away while i was still talking to them; how rude. and what does that mean? like chef's too busy; too busy for us? like seriously wtf; & then we didn't even order the bill and they brought it over and asked us to LEAVE coz other ppl have to use the table like wtf; i have never been treated so badly; it's not like we weren't going to pay or anything. EVERYONE ;; ALA'S KiTCHEN behind FMP is the most age descriminating, RUDE-ass restaurant ever. omg makes my blood boil; grr. everytime i went with my family they were nice . gah;
*anyways after spending time outside the restaurant complianing we decided to buy dvd@FMP; they are so strict on pirated now lol; like none of them sell it; friend finally tracked down a place and we watched "OBSESSED" @ my place. it is some intense shit; beyonce is fiercedd; makes me want to get into a cat fight now; @ fmp we saw this pretty sick oriental wedding dress; looks like wearing a lucky red pocket :P
ciao 4 now

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