Saturday, June 27, 2009

UNvoluntarily confinement

confined within 4 walls. got my plaid shirt and stuff animals to keep me company, my jaw is officially swollen to a point that .. it's disturbing. I took one pic of it (b/c i didnt think a person's face can literally swell that much) but that pic is for my eyes only! *Sigh.. a lovely saturday ; imprisonned in my condo watching Chinese movies. my best friend brought me green tea ice-cream (oh how sweet <33)&bf visited me. That's as exciting as the day went. Took a long shower and did my nails bright orange with Cover Girls Boundless Color and attempted to read Wutherin Heights but all the words were blurring together... to many painkillers&antibioics in my system?

Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward;
what shall i do?
You look kind of blue too.

new obsession: GOOM radio
a mix of english& french songs; sexyy

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