Sunday, June 14, 2009

sundays purple

H&M`s skirts. $15
v neck from AE. $15  
Swarovski starfish. (from ZenSpa)   
such a comfy outfit (: 
i wore this to Church; i'm not sure if 
it's an entirely appropriate outfitt.. 
since my guy friend said "what are you wearing!"
Lol it's not that short!; i don't get what the big deal is, 
they say to dress modestly not, to not "tempt" & eliminate adultery but then there will always be girls who are just very confident in their skin who wants to flaunt their body a bit; shouldn't christians just get USED to it instead of avoiding the problem temporarily in a Church. i observed almost every girl/ woman wore pants or jeans; it's 24 degrees! 30 with humidity! Where is that fine line between confident to show some skin and being trashy and tempting?


May Kasahara said...

loving that skirt.
I'd say as long as you feel confy and aren't doing the tug-up-and-pull-down dance all day - you are probably in the clearly. throw in some "fuck yeah I'm awesome" attitude - and you most def won't come off trashy. said...

haha thanks for the comment (: