Monday, June 29, 2009

empty void

ON THIS CLOUDY DAY... feeling a bit empty because my boyfriend is accross the country! & he seems to be meeting a lot of new, fun people from all over the world.

fun; & soaking up the BC's SUNshine. Spent a good part of my day chilling with my beautiful betty& buying fabric w/ Ter (Who VERY kindly helped me jail-break my iPhone <3)

& then watched Transformer( had yummy cheesecake gelato) with a bunch of people (MeganFox is so hot; Evangel: "TOO hot" LOL)& then chilled with 2 friends which turned out to be an hour stuck at BurgerKing because my friend, So carefully, backed into another car in the parking lot.

&forgot to bring his liscense. i tried the Vanilla milkshake for the first time. Kinda Icky. Felt good on my sore jaw tho. I can't wait till I can finally eat solid food again! I'm such a foodaholic.

inpired by a dress from Burda Style.

fabriqué 29 de juin par moi.

s'appelle: "What's your flavour"
(resemblance to candy haha)

not sure why i can't flip it right side up

Since I am still quite Swollen
from my wisdom teeth surgery;
i'm going to continue blogging my friends : )

lovelyModel: Lam,Betty
Glasses: Urban Outfitter
Shirt: Urban Behaviour
Shorts: forever21
Purse: pmall

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MizzJ said...

Cute shirt! Plaid is so hot right now.