Sunday, June 21, 2009


The contagious SUN. finally it's about time it feels like summer. So i have just one more exam to do; how do i focus when the sun is just luring me to go have a tan. I feel like summer holiday already started for me! the flip flops, mini skirts, short shorts and the COLOURS (: i miss the gr10 days when you can just loaf around and soak up the sun, gr 11 has been such an academically stressful year. && september SENIOR BABY. High school flies by. Make the most of it! and look good while doing that ;)

Grey Graphic: Guess
Yellow mini denim H&M

Belt: Jean machine
hoops: from china

bf did not take the most important part of the outfit. THE SHOES

my new investment
CostaBlanca accessories
at Markville
i LOVE!<3

chillplace: Serissa

Sweater: Hurley
Tee: Aeropostale
hair product: Gatsby
hair stylist: moi
phone: blackberry
my pouch: old navy :P

I never had the chance to upload my "Spring Fling" Dress. took me quite a while to make, hope you like; feel free to give any comments. (: (it's the one on the left modeled by Lauren Witte)

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