Friday, June 26, 2009

byebye wisom teeth & michael Jackson

So first time posting from iPhone ; I am in bed ( hopefully slowly healing ). Got my FOUR wisdom teeth pulled out this morning. Or should I say yesterday morning; time is kinda fuzzy and I'm just a it drugged up . So let me tell you about the operation, it was kinda "cool" like my friend, evelyn, puts it. I remember being there super early. My whole family showed up(:( even tho they came seperately with diff cars; how I envy to drive asap! Road test in July!) & my bf one up super early so that I enter surgery very tired to avoid waking up in the middle. ( very good idea coz I didn't !:) remember no drink or food 12 hours prior. I didn't know the "drink" part so in my moms car I took a gulp of water and my mom starte
d alarming. LOL but alls good. The nurse was super nice and gave me a nice blanket; opened my vain with some needle and gave me laughing gas(: ( didn't really feel the gas tho)& then some machine beeped to my breathing. My nice doctor came in and greeted me; asked me what I had for dinner for conversation and when I said "umm." he's like," better hurry you won't remember it In a second! I quickly spit out " mashpotato, turkey, yogurt, berries & bread"( had to hibernate with that food since I haven't ate anything solid since then:(!) and next thing I know is voices saying I'm done. I'm done what? Oh the SURGERY. Except I couldn't exactly speak . For a long time.

Entered recovery room and my mommy and daddy sat on both sides of me and said "wow you don't look that bad, the other boy looks like he was beaten up" LOL oh I love them. I tried to talk. But gave up when my mom looked confused and my dad said mhmm to everything " where's the doctor ? Mhmm where's andy and jeremy? Mhmm how long has it been? Mhmm. ...prob sounded like aer ah a ow on e een. after what seemed like forever ( waiting for the busy nice doctor) to say some stuff I was released ! Hurrary.

Since then, I slept, ice packed, swallow pills, watched city pulse where i heard MJ died! So shocking. 50 is a young age! Is it because of his excess plastic surgery? Coz a person is only supppse to have so many in a life time. ( i had my first!), changed bloody gauze & sewed. Yes I spent most of the evening sewing away; very distracting when you can't eat or move much( but i walked around the condo quite a bit :p) I made a a v neck tee, a tube top/ skirt out of old teeshirt & started my prom dress(: then I slept and woke up now. Will uploads pics later parce que je ne sais pas comment le faire.

Au revoir. Beaucoup de l'amour,
I really like baggy tanks; the above is by alexander wang; a bit more fancy;
i got mine (top) from H&M; i love how it's so soft and add casualness if you want to wear some cute top under; mine is an orange halter from armani in Vancouver.

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