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Plaid skirt and Social Media

I look so serious it makes me want to giggle,  hope you all had a great weekend!  It seems like the whole world is at Coachella or in the Grand Canyon, what's up with that?  I seem to have missed the memo, were you at either of these events? How do people sustain this millennial lifestyle? I guess I shouldn't be one to talk because I went on a travel spree during and after university. But it comes down to where the finance is going. Are people delaying their retirement by "living life to the fullest"? Do the 20 something year old even think that far? Or is it a IG illusion (the selected few are living this life but they are the 90% that are posting?), if so, can you bring yourself to remove yourself from IG? Will it make you a happier person?
 I watched Ingrid going West last week and it seems to not be far from the Black Mirror episode "Nose Dive". We try to portray our "perfect life" to strangers when reality can be so far away from the truth. …

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