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Queensland Beach

How dope are these photos by @traveling__trav?! Isn't is funny that we don't even know each others name, but by their IG handle? Sometimes their handle can elude to their actual name (like how he would call me Emma, close enough to my name I'll take it) and sometimes, after much digging and detective work, you're still at a lost for their name? (like Tyree, our hunky male model whose IG goes by @allthingsintime )
We did this collaboration through IG chat (I honestly never knew you could do this, oh technology) Trav planned out everything and I was torn between going on a hike with the bf or attending this photoshoot. Since we have done almost 3 photoshoots in a row on our weekend, I opted to skip out and gave my bag of samples to Trav a few days before the shoot. 
the irony of the above is that I got sick just before the weekend and did neither. 
I love the three of them walking, straight up squad team.  All products available at EmMeMa

photographed by Travis Modeled …

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