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East Coast undies

We were doing our weekly loads of laundry last Sunday when my boyfriend spotted a big hole in his purple boxers, he was about to toss then but I quickly grabbed it out of his hands. 
I seam ripped the entire boxer (which is very tedious given all the 4 thread serging and the super weak cotton fabric). I ironed them and traced a paper pattern (so I can make millions of these boxers at my finger tip). The hard part about mens boxers is I can never find that thick, sturdy, brushed back elastic. For the project below I re-used his elastic band. 
I was pretty ecstatic about the way it turned out, and then later made myself a pair of high waisted thongs. Because why not. 
I find highwaisted thongs so much more comfortable and less tacky than the regular old thong.  What is your underwear preference? Do you avoid cotton/ lace/ elastic/ prints? 

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